May 6, 2012

Album Review: "Enslaved" by Soulfly

Soulfly has been Max Cavalera's bully pulpit for fifteen years now, and with very few exceptions, he hasn't wasted it. Undoubtedly, Soulfly has been one of the most active and consistent metal bands in the world since 2004's Prophecy, touring constantly and releasing a new album seamlessly when the time was right. Sure, Max did set aside time for his Cavalera Conspiracy project when he needed to, but Soulfly has been and continues to be his main focus. And while his old band Sepultura maintains only a shadow of its former significance in the worldwide metal scene, Max has shown the world what could have been if his fateful split with the group hadn't occurred in 1996. Enslaved is the latest example of Soulfly's dominance, delivering the music that fans want while also sending a not-so-subtle message to the band's critics.