September 13, 2008

Two bits of big news

Okay, next week is a big week for me, so listen up!

1) I am interviewing UNEARTH live in the studios of WSOU on Tuesday at 5:30 PM! I'll be discussing with them their new album, entitled "The March," which hits stores on October 14th. I highly recommend you either come up to the station to meet the band or listen to the interview on your radios (89.5 FM) or on your computers ( The Unearth dudes are a raucous and wild group, and the interview is assured to be as hilarious as it is informative.

2) On Wednesday, I, along with some Warner Music Group interns and members of the Roadrunner Street Team, will be meeting with the #2 VP of Warner Music Group and other music industry officials to discuss the future of the Guitar Hero franchise, including what songs could potentially appear on Guitar Hero 4, as part of a focus group. If you are a Guitar Hero fan and have any songs that you would like to appear on future games, please inform me, as I would like to go into this meeting with a list in hand and ideas to speak on.

That is all for now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dream Theater
Temple of the Dog
Joe Satriani
Neil Young
The Smiths
I just lost the game.