March 3, 2010

Upcoming Album Review Schedule

Hello, readers. I have a lot on my plate right now, but I'm still writing away! Here are the new releases you can expect me to review in the coming weeks:
  • Love is Gone by Dommin
  • The World is a Thorn by Demon Hunter
  • Time to Burn by Taking Dawn
  • The Infinite Order by Living Sacrifice
  • Heat Fetish by The Bled
  • Aealo by Rotting Christ
  • Majesty and Decay by Immolation
  • Everything Remains As it Never Was by Eluveitie
  • Belus by Burzum
  • Nifelvind by Finntroll
  • Strings to a Web by Rage
  • Snakes for the Divine by High on Fire
  • Skepsis by Through the Eyes of the Dead
  • To the Metal by Gamma Ray
  • Hell Chose Me by Carnifex
  • Scouring the Boneyard by Sons of Azrael
  • Sovereign Descent by Landmine Marathon
  • Eparistera Daimones by Triptykon
This is not a schedule really, because I don't know yet when each review will be published or if they'll be published in this order. But rest assured, all these albums will be reviewed in due time!

If you have any other hard rock/heavy metal albums you'd like reviewed, please let me know! Thanks everyone for reading my stuff!

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